Toothcrush Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try out Toothcrush before signing up for a whole year?

If I subscribe, when will my first Toothcrush delivery arrive?

What if my partner and I both want Toothcrush? How will we tell our brushes apart?

What happens if I change address during my annual subscription?

Does a bamboo toothbrush feel different?

Can I choose my colour?

Can I get a medium or hard bristle Toothcrush brush?

Can I buy Toothcrush for somebody else?

Why are you called Toothcrush? That sounds kind of painful!

Every month? Is it really necessary to replace my toothbrush that often?

Is this really more environmentally friendly than buying 4 plastic brushes each year from the supermarket?

Are the bristles biodegradable?

Is the packaging recyclable?

Is a Toothcrush brush recyclable?

What is used to wax the bamboo handle?

Why are they made in China and not in New Zealand?

For Subscribers

My brush hasn't arrived this month - what do I do?

I'm moving house - how can I change my address?

My credit card has (or is almost) expired - what should I do?